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Jewish Heritage Week, Keynote Speaker

April 24, 2006

"Thank you very much for your outstanding presentation in observance of Jewish American Heritage Month. Your discussion about your remarkable life and experiences as a Holocaust Survivor was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended, watched, and listened to your presentation. We know from the many complimentary remarks we have received that your presentation left a positive and lasting impression on our employees. We were honored that you took time from your busy schedule to share your insights, experiences and views with us. You are the embodiment of the theme 'Legacies of Justice,' and your presentation inspired all who attended." - D. Michael Collins, director    FDIC


"I thought your presentation was so well done and so important. And I was so pleased at the reaction from the other employees, especially the non-Jewish ones. You did so much to send accurate, credible, and important messages about the Holocaust, Jews, Israel, etc., to a lot of people here. We all owe you a lot of thanks." Jay, FDIC

Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonials at YALE, Baltimore Jewish Council

January 05, 1988

"On behalf of the Baltimore Jewish Council, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your experiences with us and enriching our knowledge and understanding of the Shoah. We hope you also found this session as enriching as we did. Your testimony will provide valuable information and a historical perspective which will be utilized by educators, researchers and historians." Sydrea Quate, Program Coordinator, BJC

"All night I dreamed and thought about you--your touching, clear, detailed, and mesmerizing testimony! You are such an unusual woman of tremendous strength, courage, and determination. What a privilege it was merely to be in your presence!"Annette F. Lieberman, Community Relations Associate, BJC

"I was privileged to be the Maryland Public Television studios when you described the Holocaust experiences of you and your family. I have heard similar accounts in the past but never expressed so vividly and with such eloquence...You clearly demonstrate that although you were exposed to that which was sordid and contrary to all that our tradition teaches, you were able to draw upon your strong but tender roots to rise about the vile environs into which you had been thrust. You have not only clearly depicted the events of the Holocaust, but you have also demonstrated, by completing your education and functioning as a professional, that with fortitude and determination, obstacles can be overcome." Irvin L. Fishbein, attorney


Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School, Speaker

September 14, 2011

"I have heard nothing but wonderful things about you since your first appearance as guest speaker...I wish to expend my heart-felt appreciation for sharing your insights and wisdom with our students. Indeed, your story is a reflection of our mission of humanity. Your enthusiasm and vitality of life have been a true inspiration toward this end." Phillip H. Phan, Professor and Interim Dean

Holocaust Remembrance Day, Speaker

April 21, 2009

"Your talk was one of the best that I have experienced. Not only did you tell your moving story, but you also stressed the values of education, tolerance, and maintaining an awareness of world events. And you acted as a role model to those of us who (inevitably) have suffered difficulties in our lives. I can't wait to read your book!" Jean Pfefferkorn, Information Specialist/Instructor, Howard County Libraries

Holocaust Days of Remembrance, "Choosing to Act: Stories of Rescue"

April 26, 2012

  "Your speech was dynamic and inspirational, and it greatly enhanced our knowledge of the actions that took place during the Holocaust. In addition, your speech and 'Lessons from Life' encouraged all attendees to continue to build a strong and diverse community. 

  Our Soldiers, civilians, Family members, and Harford County students are indeed fortunate to have dedicated citizens such as you who are willing to share their knowledge to ensure the success of our organization, the US Army, and our community." - Genaro J. Dellarocco, Major General, US Army

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